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Команда вылетела в Австралию!




Из московского Домодедова самолёт "Тайских Авиалиний" унёс наших путешественников, братьев-близнецов Сергея и Александра Синельников на Зелёный континент. Посадка в аэропорту города Перт, там ребят ждёт гребная лодка "Русь", а оттуда лодка и команда будут переправляться в порт Карнарвон. Старт в океан произойдёт именно из Карнарвона. Но точной даты старта пока ещё нет - и быть не может! Тут, ребята, океан командует!

Официальная эмблема проекта "На вёслах - через Индийский океан-2008

Во время проводов в Домодедово вместе с другом-земляком дайвером Константином Светличным

На старте руководитель проекта, засл. путешественник России Сергей Синельник, распространил следующее сообщение для зарубежных партнёров экспедиции:

Noncommercial public association
the Russian Fund of Round-the-World Expeditions
The State News agency - “ITAR-TASS
The TV-channel “RTR-SPORT
The Publishing concern "Evening Moscow"


Sports-travellers project


Staff of the expedition: 124365, Russia, Moscow,
street of Marshal Vasilevsky, 9/4, 1-st floor, "ФКЭ"
tel: +7-903-755-1038
internet: www.sinelniki.ru
e-mail: indi-ocean@mail.ru

The Honored travellers of the Russian Federation, brothers-twins, Alexander and Sergey Sinelnik invite partners for realization new unique sports-travellers project: it will be the First in history of Russia a rowing marathon "With OARS - THROUGH the INDIAN OCEAN".


For the first time in history of world ocean rowing by a boat under the Russian flag crew from 2 person, - brothers-twins - plans to pass through Indian ocean from Australia up to the African coast! Planned points of start and finish: port Carnarvon (Australia) and any from ports of southeast coast of Af-rica or the islands nearest to continent. Terms of navigation: June-October, 2008.

Extent of a route over 4000 sea miles (over 7500 km). The route passes in tropical and subtropical zones of a southern hemisphere of the Earth - not above 20-th southern parallel.
The Most part of a way oarsmen will be in an winds operative range of a southeast trade-winds and ocean currents: Southern trade-wind and Madagascars trade-wind.
Time in a way 3,5 - 4 months.


Brothers-twins Sinelnik and their command have just finished expedition "Seven Deserts of the World on domestic bike-technics", having overcome 20 000 km on deserts of Central Asia, the Near East and Africa, on territories of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia.

In an arsenal of brothers Sinelniks team some powerful travel: "On a yacht around of the Europe" - 6000 sea miles from Novorossijsk up to St.-Petersburg, within the limits of the All-Russian program "In a new century - without drugs"; complex climbing ascentions on volcanos of Kamchatka and on file Zailijs Ala Tau (Central Asia), and also ascentions to Elbrus and Kilimandzharo; extreme alloys on the mountain rivers.
In 2006 the team of brothers Sinelnik has made unprecedented navigation in 5500 km "From Varyags - to Persians", from Onega (port Petrozavodsk) up to Makhachkala (Caspian sea) on an exact copy of sail-rowing antique russian boat-ladja 10-11 centuries.

Before in an arsenal of a command there was "a Round-the-world expedition on domestic heavy motorcycles "URAL" - the first in history of world motor-movement a route on 5 continents of the Earth, 75 000 km on 35 countries of the world, 6000 km of impassability, and including - through three Great deserts of Australia. The command, after end of the project, has received the Salutatory letter from the State Duma of the Russian Federation.


During it more than a 100-day's rowing marathon through Indian ocean a number of research works will be lead: observant data on ecology of ocean are collected, meteorological and oceanographic supervision, psychology and physiological measurements are executed, experiments on remote training travellers by means of a computer satellite communication are carried out.
Also direct sessions of communication on domestic and foreign mass-media, including videore-ports directly from an ocean route are planned. At ocean video data for the big film about this unique navigation will be shooting. Besides certainly, press conferences, tv-broadcasts, an output of film and the edition of the book on results of navigation are planned.


Forthcoming navigation of brothers Sinelnik - Sergey and Alexander - continues appreciable achievements of the famous travellers in history of world ocean rowing: first of all, records of the Arctic navigations on oars of the Lipetsks ocean rower Evgenij Smurgis, not beaten till now anybody with 80-90-years of 20 centuries, and a world record of speed by crossing of Atlantic ocean on Columbus's route, from Canary Islands up to Barbados, established in 2002 the remarkable Russian traveller Fedor Konyuk-hov.
The example which are ready to submit Sergey and Alexander Sinelnik on a route through Indian ocean, will serve new generations of a boys and girls aspiring to serious adventures.

By present time to cross oceans of a planet representatives of 22 countries tried more than two hundred twenty times and more than hundred such attempts were successful.
Though in history was two attempts to cross Indian ocean, but both of them came to the end, not reaching continent: in 1971 sweden traveller Anders Svedlund has passed from Australia only up to Madagascar, and in 2003 englishman Simon Chok has managed from Australia to reach only a meridian of island Rafael. Pair J. William - Gl. Edvards has reached island Rodriguez. Ukrainian ocean rower Pavel Rezvoj has reached up to Seychelles after start from Cocos islands. Others 5 attempts including pair crews, have appeared unsuccessful.


- On-line support on a site of expedition www.sinelniki.ru ;
- The State News-agency of ITAR-TASS;
- Direct audio-reportings from a line of travel - audio-channel "Rambler-SPORT" - http://sportreports.rambler.ru/archive.html?s=680

- Video-reportings from an ocean route - the TV-channel "RTR-sports";
- Information support - newspapers "Vechernjaja Moskva"("the Evening Moscow");
- Many newspapers and the magazines of Russia writing about extreme subjects, give the pages to pro-jects of brothers Sinelnik: "Risk Factor", the newspaper "the Free Wind", "the Vertical world", "Around of Light", "ЭКС", "the World without borders", "Fedor Konyukhov's Magazine ", "MOTO", "Bike Freak";
- Over twenty Internet-sites in Russian and English languages constantly publish materials about a course of travel of brothers Sinelnik, thus four sites hold ON-LINE the button with the "alive" reporting from a route, for example http://www.vvv.ru/papers/textview.php3?paper=597
- Now film and the book about brothers Sinelnik prepare for an output in the USA; the Russian and Ka-zakhstan newspapers publish articles about travel of brothers Sinelnik;
- Expeditions of brothers became Winners of several Festivals of Extreme projects: "SIDES of the Ex-treme" (Moscow), "Tomsk festival of travellers", and films participated in several all-Russian film festivals: "Vertical" (Moscow), "the Episode. X" (St.-Petersburg), "Tomsk festival"ARBA";
- Photo-exhibition on materials of expeditions is constantly exhibited across Moscow and at different cit-ies Russian Federations, participates in competitions of photos. Photos from expeditions have entered in final shorts-sheets of winners in many competitions;
- Brothers Sinelnik and team repeatedly won and were on a pedestal of honour in the Championships of Russia of the Tourist-Sports Union of the Russian Federation (in a class - motor-sport-tourism and sailing tourism);
- There was in Russia two editions a book "Round the World trip on motorcycles "URAL". The following book of travellers about a campaign on old russian boat-ladja prepares for an output. On a regu-lar basis there are advertizing leaflets, calendars, badges, pendants with symbolics of Expedi-tions of brothers Sinelnik;
- Press-conferences of an our team which include advertising production of sponsors are on a regular ba-sis spent, meetings with fans and colleagues on hobby (Moscow, Uralsk, Irbit the Chelyabinsk area) are spent.


the Package 1:

- the Boat receives a name of the general sponsor of expedition. As the variant, a name is given double, with addition of a name "*-RUSSIA". In Russian and English names becomes history also statis-tics of all world ocean rowing;
- Trade marks of the maximal size are born on all equipment, get on photo- and the videostaff, and are specified in all materials of expedition, regular references in I-net are given;
- the Name of the sponsor is included into final film, is beaten in a plot of film, in the book about expedition, to circulation DVD of final film;
- It is underlined in the target given photo-exhibitions under the given project;
- Trade marks and banners are present at all Press conferences of the project;
the Price of a package: 100 000 $

Package 2:
- Trade marks of the sponsor of the average size are born by a boat, on equipment, get on фото-and the videostaff, and are specified in materials of expedition, references in I-net are given;
- the Name of the sponsor is included into final film in initial and final credits, in the book about expedition, to circulation DVD of final film;
- The sponsor is underlined in the target given photo-exhibitions under the given project;
- Trade marks and banners are present at Press conferences of the project; the
Price of a package: 50 000 $

Package 3:
- the Sponsor finances concrete items of the estimate of expenses of expedition (see below);
- Trade marks of the sponsor are born by a boat, on equipment, get on фото-and the videostaff, and are specified in materials of expedition, references in I-net are given;
- In the coordinated kind the name of the sponsor is included into final film in initial and final credits, in the book about expedition, to circulation DVD of final film;
- In the coordinated kind the name of the sponsor is underlined in the target given photo-exhibitions under the given project;
- Trade marks and banners are present at the coordinated kind at Press conferences of the project;
the Price of a package: 30 000 $

- Delivery of oarsmen, commands of support, a film-making brigade, journalists to a place of start - Australia (West), port Caernarvon - 5 чел;
- the Organization of a meeting of a boat on finish of navigation near to coast of Africa;
- Returning of oarsmen and commands of support home on finish of expedition (presumably ei-ther Tanzania, or Madagascar, or Southern Africa, etc.);

- Work of the Staff of support in Moscow, equipment of a boat by onboard videos and photo-chambers, purchase and preparation for work of an onboard computer (in water-proof boxing), satellite Internet connections, phone calls and so forth;
- the Yacht of support for shooting a boat on start, for display of navigation the VIP-visitors, mass-media and to spectators, for wires and a meeting of a boat at ocean;
Each of items on expenses ” 30 000 $

Equipment of EXPEDITION:

The BOAT for expedition costs in full readiness in Australia, in the port of Carnarvon;

EQUIPMENT of a boat by necessary equipment and means:

It is: - spare oars, a saving raft, desalinators of the sea water, two navigators GPS, compasses, satellite phone, VHF-radio station,
- trackings-buoy "Argos" and life-buoy EPIRB and Sea-Me, solar batteries and accumulators, the complete set of a gas cooker with cylinders;
- The complete set of diets for 6 months, alarm and other equipment, including special clothes, diving suits, glasses, the first-aid set, underwater and fishing accessories, boat-hooks and so on;
- The contracts with a largest Moscow sattelite communication firm “AlfaTeleCom" (www.a-t.ru) on following travel are concluded;

Security measures on a route are provided:
- Constructive floodability boats - stability of a boat which, when storm comes, will return back in a starting position to normal kiel;
- Presence by a boat of a tight cabin for rest, a dream and shelter in conditions of a storm when normal rowing stops also a boat becomes on a floating anchor;
- Presence by a boat of the standard saving raft recognized by international sea organizations;
- Presence of satellite phone for communication with a staff of transition;
- with Presence by a traсking-buoy "Argos" and life-buoy EPIRB. The buoy "Argos" (France, Tu-luza) which further informs a staff of transition and the Society of ocean rowers in London on a direction and speed of movement of a boat provides constant delivery of coordinates through the satellite on the Center of tracking in Toulouse;
- Presence by a boat life-buoy EPIRB the international system of rescue by the seas. By pressing the red button to a place of a boat vessels being nearby go for rescue all. The society of ocean rowers co-ordinates saving operation and in it at the Society considerable experience is saved up.

The help of the Ocean Rowing Society (oarsmen):
The Society (www.oceanrowing.com) has been created in London on February, 19th, 1983. Members of this public organization became many oarsmen-rowers. To a society and its ex-ecutive director - to 60-years Kenneth Krachlow, we are obliged by occurrence of the new term: "the ocean rower", quickly won popularity.

The society helps oarsmen with purchase, equipment of boats and their delivery to a place of start, watches promotion of boats, supports with them communication, collects, publishes and dispatches the information on ocean transitions to mass media.
As a rule, all ocean rowers are registered in the Society and the information on their movement is continuously published on a site of the Society in the Internet www.oceanrowing.com. In case of failure or illnesses of oarsmen the Society coordinates carrying out of saving operation.

Staff of the expeditions support:

It have organized in Moscow, in Fund of Round-the-world Expeditions, also on the basis of the sponsor or on the basis of the general information partner of expedition. In-cludes collective of employees - not less than 3 person, and necessary equipment: the com-plete set of a satellite communication, computers with functions to work with a sound and video data, a photoconclusion, scanning and Internet connection.

The staff carries out round-the-clock watch and continuous computer record of all audio-negotiations with ocean rowers. The staff prepares for texts, photos and video data for all mass-media, conducts work on the Internet on a site of the project and partners, con-ducts dispatch of materials, carries out carrying out of Press-conferences, preparation of film and the book on results of navigation.

(c) Moscow - 2004 ” 2008

Traditions of ancient seafarers and pathbreakers again and again revive on modern travels, involving to themselves new generations of adventurers.


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