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...ALL NEWS from ROUTE...

...ALL NEWS from ROUTE...


Expedition stops in Brisban till January, 2013 !!!




The organizing committee of expedition "Old-Slavic wood replica-ship RUSSICH sailing around Australia 2012 made a decision to temporary halt the trip in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Official press release

on the project
Old-Slavic wood sail replica-ship RUSSICH sailing clockwise round Australia, 2012.
The stage from Darwin to Sydney, including the side expedition
On RUSSICH on the rivers of Australia - 2012-2013.
The trip is dedicated to the Great Russian scientist and adventurer Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay.

The ship captain - Honored adventurer of the Russian Federation Sergey Sinelnik,

The temporary suspension of expedition of Old-Slavic replica-ship RUSSICH until January, 2013 was declared on 01 November 2012 at the port of Brisbane.
According to the project organizers the main reason for this suspension is extremely warm reception of this expedition in Brisbane, with the active help of Russian Social Center of Queensland and very favorable conditions for the display of the Old-Slavic ship at the Queensland Maritime Museum and at the yachting maintenance base at Rivergate.


The Organizing committee confirms that there are no technical problems and no break down and the wooden replica sailing ship RUSSICH is ready to continue its trip around World at any time!

Additionally the warm welcome of the expedition in Brisbane was important not only from the point of view of friendship and cooperation of adventurers from all the countries participating in this project: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Australia, but also for fine-tuning of further progression of the project. The temporary suspension will allow preparing for the further route of expedition for arrival to the largest Australian port of Sydney. The completion of this stage is planned for January, 2013 because during this period the favorable course of winds in this region of the Pacific Ocean will allow to move the vessel under a sail as much as possible.
The project is joined by new partners and participants, including some from Australia.

Start of present Navigation Round Australia clockwise commenced on September 07, 2012 from the Australian port of Darwin. During the previous month the Old Slavic replica-ship RUSSICH underwent repairs and preparatory work at SPOT ON Marina of the port of Darwin. The crew represents five participating countries Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Australia.

Starting lineup of a "RUSSICH" crew on the exit from the port of Darwin - 7 people:
- Sergey Sinelnik honored adventurer of the Russian Federation, commodore of a vessel;
- Alexander Sinelnik honored adventurer of the Russian Federation, senior assistant to the captain, official artist of the project;
- Sergey Muravitsky the boatswain and the mechanical engineer;
- Vyacheslav Shkoda the cook of a castle and the replaceable helmsman;
- Igor Yamangulov the sailor-helmsman;
- Erbol Kenzhegaliev the replaceable mechanic and a steering-man.


Partial planned replacement of a team occurred on October 02, 2012 at the Australian port of Cairns.
The project was joined by the Ukrainian participants and on the following leg to Brisbane port there were 9 people aboard:
- Sergey Sinelnik honored adventurer of the Russian Federation, commodore;
- Alexander Sinelnik honored adventurer of the Russian Federation, senior assistant to the captain, official artist of the project;
- Sergey Muravitsky the boatswain and the mechanical engineer;
- Vyacheslav Shkoda the cook and the replaceable helmsman;
- Vitaly Melnichuk the sailor-helmsman and the artist of the project;
- Victor Ites the doctor, the cameraman and the photographer;
- Vitaly Tsalikov - the sailor-helmsman;
- Sergey Aleksandrov - the sailor-helmsman;
- Maxim Ognev - the assistant to the mechanic and a steering-man.

During 42 days of the navigation in Australian spring of 2012 (autumn in Russia) from the port of Darwin to Brisbane the Old Slavic replica-ship RUSSICH passed 2500 nautical miles in the waters of the Timor and Arafura Sea of the Indian Ocean, gulfs of the Beagle and Van-Diemens, the Gulf of Carpentaria and entered the Coral Sea of the Pacific Ocean through Torres strait.


Within the side project On the RUSSICH in the RIVERS of AUSTRALIA-2012 the vessel sailed two Australian rivers Liverpool and King. The freshwater route of these rivers made up about 150 miles. After the initial success of the unique research in spring 2011(autumn in northern hemisphere) of the behavior of the exact copy of the ancient X-XII centuries Slavic vessel the research program will continue on other rivers during campaign of 2013.

From the start at the Volga River city of Tolyatti RUSSICH has traveled an enormous route through 20 seas of three oceans of more than 13 500 nautical miles (more than 25 000 km).

Special thanks to our relatives, friends and all who met and helped us on our way!
Without your kind warm support our journey couldn't take place!
We thank:

- Embassy and consulate of Russia in Australia;
- International motorcycling club "Night Wolves";
- Moscow Yacht School;
- The Russian Federation Honorary Consul in Queensland - Irina Brook;
- President of Charity foundation of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Attention to Children!" Alexey Frank;
- The manager - Natalia Ahrens (the city Cairns);
- Queenland Maritime museum, director Ian Jempson;
- Brisbanes Russian Social center, the director - Vladislav Kosse;
- Priest Gabriel - the prior of the Sacred Nikolay Temple in Brisban;
- Manager Olga Golenkova;
- Pavel and Lyubov Noskov, Irina Bush and Lena Proskurina;
- Andrey Abaza and Konstantin Drozdovsky;
- Poet Ivan Renatovich Pedio;
- Kenneth Freyzer;
- Editor-in-chief of the Unification Russian weekly newspaper Australia - Vladimir Kuzmin;
- Executive Producer of SBS Radio Russian program - Sima Tsyskin;
- Photo-artist Eleanor Wilks;
- Travel agency ITU (Moscow);
- Group of companies of satellite communication "Alpha-TeleCom".


Technical condition of "RUSSICH":
The vessel was constructed in 2005-2006 at the "Varangian" shipyard in Petrozavodsk (Russia, Karelia) and in 2006 passed 5500 km down the Volga River and the Caspian Sea within the project From the Varangian to Persian - 2006.

The Organizing committee confirms that the chosen design of a wooden vessel of Old Slavic type of the pre-Mongolian period of the X-XII centuries has proved to be suitable for harsh conditions of oceans and seas. The vessels behavior has repeatedly confirmed the theory of great Norwegian scientist and adventurer Tour Heyerdahl that our great ancestors used the seas and oceans much more actively, than school textbooks reflect.

The project organizing committee notes that replacement of 12 boards of the RUSSICH side planking carried out at port Satun of Thailand showed sufficient reliability of the ironwood. However it is recommended for further repairs to use the native Karelian pine boards prepared on shipyard Varangian in Petrozavodsk.

The engineering service of the project (mechanical engineer Sergey Muravitsky) can provide consultations and information on aspects of the use of paints, base coatings and anti-acquiring coverings to any manufacturers and consumers of these materials.

The members of the expedition will continue taking photographs and filming, with publications in various mass media and many websites. This will be used for future films and telecasts about RUSSICH navigation.

The project will be developed further during intermediate short-term stop of RUSSICH in the city of Brisbane.

The immediate goal of Old Slavic wooden replica-ship RUSSICH sailing around Australia is to reach the main port of Sydney, to declare a finish of current stage. This leg is devoted to the Great Russian scientist and adventurer Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay and will conclude with a ceremony of delivery of the capsule with the soil from Miklouho-Maclays grave in St. Petersburg to the Sydney House museum of the great scientist and to his descendants living in Australia. Participants of this expedition consider appropriate to finish the journey from Russian Volga River at the place where the great scientist and adventurer Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay has lived and worked.

The second stage of the expedition Round Australia-2013 will lead to Tasmania for the participation in the famous Australian Festival of wooden vessels in Hobart on February 8-11, 2013. Further plans of the RUSSICH movement are in development and coordination stages.

All specifications on the route of navigation and conditions of taking part in the project as a crew member of RUSSICH are published on an official website www.sinelniki.ru/.

The organizing committee confirms that all our website photographs and text materials are free for publications about RUSSICH in other mass media of any country on a condition of proper attribution and reference to the official project website.

The Fund of Round-the-World-expeditions.

Project Organizing committee.

International Staff of support of the project.


With the SUPPORT of
The Russian RADIO SBS of Australia




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